Cinna brings comfort to its outdoor furniture.

At the French publisher, the spring 2020 collection has had the good idea to keep its feet on the ground, neither austerity nor austerity, its outdoor products are designed with their longevity and comfort in mind, just like indoors…

Since the mid-2000s, the international supply of outdoor furniture has exploded. Finding new or used outdoor furniture has become easy. From now on, each publisher stands out all the more as this emerging segment is an unprecedented opportunity to renew the style of each brand. The French company Cinna is no exception: it too cultivates the modernity and comfort that has made its reputation, right down to the garden.

Real contemporary designer furniture emerges on the terrace with, for example, the Ottoman armchairs and sofas in polyester foam, rounded like bugles, signed Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. It is therefore very interesting to find the particularly enveloping design of the “Saparella” collection by the historic designer Michel Ducaroy (1925-2009).These sculptural foam armchairs created in 1965, which together can make up a corner sofa, now have an outdoor version with a water drainage system, so they can be left outside all year round.

For those who want to let their creativity shine even brighter under the sun, the armchair and sofa in the “Serpentine” range, by Éléonore Nalet, are slightly reminiscent of the roundness of certain gallery pieces. In terms of accessories, the Dôt wallwasher in polyethylene, designed by Rémi Bouhaniche, in Paseo, its teak and aluminium counterpart, is a complete offer.Like the “Lapel” collection by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, bridge armchairs in aluminium and synthetic rattan, accompanied by a large dining table, it’s as if the designer furniture, with its originality and uniqueness, also took on the exterior decoration!

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