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The terrace and the garden have become real additional living spaces.More than ever, we chat with friends or relatives in compliance with the rules of social distancing and while breathing healthier air.Royal Botania likes to extend the seasons, with style and ergonomics

The days of the plastic garden table surrounded by a few chairs are long gone, and Kris Van Puyvelde, founder and designer of Royal Botania, lived up close to the evolution to garden furniture and the arrival of outdoor kitchens.and other pool houses.A year and a half ago, his son Pieter joined the team as marketing manager.The weather proof landscaping company is more than ever future proof.

Resistant to Belgian weather

Unfortunately, we don't live in Ibiza or Tenerife.Everything that dresses our terraces has to be able to withstand rain and wind, and spread a welcome bit of warmth when the temperatures drop or night falls earlier.”Previously, the garden furniture did not stand up to anything, or was so ugly that it would slip away to the garage at the end of the summer ", emphasizes Kris Van Puyvelde." Our quality furniture, on the other hand, can stay outside without a problem.foam in our cushions has an open cell structure - water simply passes through.And our special fabrics, dyed in the mass and UV resistant, dry very quickly.”

All materials must meet very high requirements.Royal Botania delivers worldwide, in all possible climates.The company carefully chooses its aluminum-based alloys to ensure perfect adhesion of the coating.salted by the sea, electropolished furniture is particularly suitable."Our creations are made to be used as long and often as possible, whatever the season.We offer elegant sets with optimal comfort.With mood lighting, carpet.exterior and accessories.Today, we are even seeing the opposite phenomenon: some customers install our collections indoors.This is the case for Organix, especially in its velvet version.”

Posted Date: 2020-12-18

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